Your mind is a powerful thing that controls how you perceive life & to an extent, your physical health.

How your emotions affect health.

A positive person will see good in everything around him, even if his surroundings are nothing special. When you have inner peace, you will be able to :

1. Stay calm in any situation

2. Increase your productivity

3. Stop stressing unnecessarily

4. Get rid of mental exhaustion

5. Let go of toxic people & relationships

It takes a bit of time to change how you think but you will find that the effort is worth the acceptance you will feel for yourself and respect you’ll get from people who are like minded.

1. Stop Explaining Yourself All The F**king Time

People love to judge & find flaws in other people’s looks, interests & intelligence. Sometimes you might even be guilty of doing this yourself (which I’m coming to later).

However, it’s impossible to judge a person by one conversation or one meeting. There’s a lot more to people than what music they like or what kind of clothes they wear.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what you want and NEVER apologize for being yourself.

This quality will make people respect you more. Not a lot of people are their authentic selves due to the fear of judgement. If this doesn’t help, try to remember that people are way too engrossed in their own lives to care as much as you do.

This will help!

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2. Don’t Judge Too Easily

If you don’t want to be judged, avoid judging other people too harshly, based on little knowledge. Sometimes, rumors & bad first impressions can ruin a person’s reputation unfairly.

It’s natural to want to know about someone before you get too close or friendly with them but try to be as open minded as possible.

People talk nonsense most of the time and rumors don’t define a person. Most of us have had fake information spread about us that didn’t do the real us justice.

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3. Don’t Put Other People’s “Wants” Over Your “Needs”

I’m all for helping people when they need it the most. It feels good to make a small difference (even if it’s a small favour like lending someone your pen).

That being said, don’t make it a habit of putting someone else’s convenience over your requirements.

Giving up something that’s a priority to you just to make someone else happy or feel better about themselves will usually result in you missing out on what YOU require at the moment.

So go ahead and help people but if they demonize you if you don’t, lose the entire person.

Prioritise yourself in an unselfish way

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4. Feeling Envious Of Others

Jealousy is poison. It eats you up from inside and leaves you insecure and feeling like sh*t about life.

You know what won’t do that? Feeling genuinely happy for other people’s success. This is hard and requires a lot of effort but the pay off is huge.

Wanting nice things is great & it is true that some people have it better than the others. It’s also true that what you see on the outside is not everything there is to it.

It is important to try and celebrate others success as well as trying to earn your own achievements. It doubles the happiness.

Tips to feel happy for other’s when you’re down.

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5. Stop Avoiding Negative Emotions

There is such a thing such as toxic positivity. It’s when you feel bad but bury the feeling and try to fake positive emotions.

Thinking you don’t have it THAT bad & invalidating your emotions.

Not talking about your feelings as you don’t want to ruin the day.

Thinking crying is weak and never wanting to express sadness.

These are examples of toxic positivity and leads to bottling up your emotions. The truth is that the only way to get over your feelings is to go through them & feel it all.

Make a habit of validating your negative & positive emotions. Write them down or talk to a friend you trust. If it gets worse, talk to a professional.

Healthline : Toxic positivity

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6. Give Up The Need For Validation

Compliments are great and can make your day. Hearing something nice about from another person once in a while might make you feel better but it becomes a problem if you entirely rely on other people’s opinions to feel good about yourself.

Noone is perfect enough to judge you and neither are you eligible to judge another person’s life.

People make mistakes and as long as they recognise the mistake and work on it, it’s all good. Seeking validation all the time is toxic and you need to let go of wanting it.

Work on yourself and give positive affirmations to yourself every day. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay.

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7. Appreciate What You Have

One of the biggest mistakes we make is taking things for granted. When we finally get what we want, it becomes something that we have. Then we want more than that.

What we forget is to appreciate what we have already and be thankful for it. This will help you stay grounded & happy in life.

Make a habit of noting down everything that you’re grateful for. It can be simple things like having a bed to sleep at night or having good friends. Remind yourself to be thankful for every meal you eat too!

Hufflepost : The transformative power of gratitude.

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8. Don’t Feel Guilty For Being Happy

A lot of people (especially women) have been made to think that being happy and taking care of yourself is somehow wrong. This leads to the feeling of guilt if you’re not completely stressing yourself out.

Let go of the mindset that you need to suffer & be unhappy all the time to be a good person. You don’t have to always make unnecessary sacrifices.

Learn to enjoy life and do things that make you feel creative & stress free. Go out and explore the city or take a hobby class. This actually increases your productivity by a huge margin.

8 times when you shouldn’t feel guilty for being happy.

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9. Enjoy Solitude

Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Sometimes it’s better to have company of people you like but it’s also okay to enjoy some “me time”.

When you stop needing other people to have fun, you can enjoy life to the fullest. You are the only person you will be with most of the time so you might as well enjoy your own company.

There’s a lot you can do to better yourself and solo hobbies you can get into. This will benefit your relationships as well because you will never put up with bullsh*t for the fear of being alone.

A list of 43 fun things you can do by yourself

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10. Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

If you want to get what you really aspire to have, you have to do the work needed and hard work is usually uncomfortable

Get out of your comfort zone & do the necessary and you will find that the results are worth the discomfort.

If you teach yourself to get through the uncomfortable parts, you will eventually get used to the initial hard work and your success will show it.

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