6 Transformative Methods To Use Common Hair Products To Prevent Dry Hair || Haircare Guide ||

These tips will help you transform your hair and prevent dryness by using normal everyday products in very different ways.

1. Use Hair Oil Sparingly

Oil is great for your hair. Especially coconut oil or blends of coconut, olive, jojoba, sunflower or rose hip oil can be pretty heavy if you slather them on your hair & scalp.

Besides resulting in a headache, these oils can also take a lot of shampoo to wash off, in turn drying out your hair.

Whenever you are using hair oils, make sure to use them sparingly on your scalp and try to focus on the ends as they tend to get drier.

Your scalp already produces natural oils that are easily distributed and stays moisturized. Your ends are the sections that really need hydration.

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2. Dilute Your Shampoo

Applying your shampoo directly on your hair will cause an uneven spread of shampoo on your hair and result in dry hair and residue oiliness.

Diluting your shampoo with water in water before applying it on your scalp will help the product spread evenly.

This will also prevent you from using too much shampoo and wash off the oil without drying hair out too much.

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3. Blend Your Hair Oils

Coconut oil can be extremely greasy and heavy on your hair. If you use 100% pure coconut oil, then you might have problems washing it off.

Using too much shampoos again will try out your hair which is counter productive so you should consider buying lighter hair oils or better yet, make your own blend of hair oils.

Mix rose hip, olive and jojoba hair oil with coconut oil to make it lighter and easier to wash off. You can whip up your own blend after experimenting a little with these products.

This will also help you combine the advantages of different hair oils and get the most out of them.

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4. Condition For 6 Whole Minutes

Even if it doesn’t say you need to keep it for 6 minutes (most conditioners would say 2-3 minutes is the right time), you need to keep on your conditioner for 6 whole minutes.

Especially if you have curly hair, keep your conditioner on for 6 minutes so that it has time to seep in your hair strands and gets time to hydrate your hair strands.

Washing it off too soon will not help with moisturizing your hair. This will prevent dry and frizzy hair better.

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5. Don’t Condition Your Scalp

Your scalp produces natural oils and will keep your hair moisturized and smooth. This oil is not distributed to the ends if you have long & curly hair.

If you condition your scalp, your hair will get greasy often and require you to wash it off. This will dry out your strands that don’t get enough moisture in the first place.

So you should condition only from the middle of your hair and go heavy on the ends of your hair.

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6. Switch To A Wooden Comb

A wooden comb is very gentle and easy on your hair unlike plastic combs. A wide tooth wooden comb is a cheap investment for softer and smoother hair if it tends to frizz a lot.

There are a lot of benefits of using a wooden comb as it is a carbon based material which is more suitable to your hair, which is also the same.

You will find your hair more evenly moisturized, dirt free and beautiful if you switch to using wooden instead of a plastic comb or a hair brush.

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