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How To Stop Caring About What People Think About You || 7 Self Care Tips ||

It is natural to care too much about what others think. However caring too much about it might lead to you being overwhelmed & anxious. These tips will help you get back on track and focus on what’s important.

1. Stop Advertising Your Life

Posting on social media about the highlights of your life seems like a great idea but make sure you don’t post the things you might be sensitive about on social media.

The subjects you are sensitive about are better kept to yourself as you make yourself vulnerable to jerks online by posting too much about yourself on social media. If you can’t handle the criticism, it might be a better decesion to stay off the net.

The same goes sharing your life with complete strangers offline. It’s alright to have a few trusted friends listen to you about your life and your opinions, but if you keep talking to every person you meet about yourself and what you think like, you would be open to any unwanted opinions too.

Basically, the more you put out there about yourself, the more people feel entitled to have an opinion of you. So try to talk less and listen more and make sure not to advertise your life.

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2. You Don’t Owe Anyone Sh*t

Your interests, career choices, clothes, beliefs and values aren’t up for debate and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you don’t need to explain to random strangers your life choices and decesions.

Try to remember that you deserve to be loved the way you are and your existence is not something you need to ever apologize for. Your interests and hobbies are valid even if they are not pleasing to everyone.

It’s not your job to make people act better towards you or others and make them understand your way of life. Try and remember that!

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3. Be True To Who You Are

If you know who you are and own it, you won’t feel the need to apologise for it. Figure out who you are and patterns in your behaviour. Get to know yourself and consistently try to be a better person than you were.

If you are engrossed in making something out of yourself, you won’t have the time to care about other people’s opinions about you.

It’s a little cheesy but it’s true. Developing yourself and working on a better you is very important to build your self image & be unapologetic.

4. It’s More About Them Than It Is About You

If you find someone making fun of you or being unnecessarily mean, you should keep in mind that this sort of behaviour says a lot more about them than it does about you.

Normal people don’t go around making others feel like sh*t about themselves and they don’t enjoy it.

People in general can be downright rude but it’s important to remember that their behaviour reflects a lot on them as people that who you are.

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5. Don’t Bombard Your Brain With Drama And Negativity

This can lead to overthinking a lot more than you think. Surfing pointless drama and arguing with people on the internet is toxic to you.

Get off of social media and avoid making friends with someone who loved drama and confrontation. It can get tiring real soon. Switch off your phone and go on a digital detox.

Surround yourself with positive people and only go for the positive content online. Otherwise, your brain can’t handle that much information and you will end up getting anxious.

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6. Write It Down

Journaling can be pretty useful as it can help you filter out any negative thoughts and emotions.

You get to see your problems from a third person’s perspective and you get to make better decesions that you wouldn’t otherwise make.

Write down what is it that bothers you and try to figure out whether you are giving your energy to something that deserves it. This will help you organise your feelings and thoughts.

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7. Focus On The Positives

The best way to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions is to focus on the positive side of life. If you have people who care for you, focus on what they treat you like instead of caring about a stranger’s opinion.

Try to enjoy life because you only get one life & make the most of it. Your concern for what other people think will melt away.

The truth is that most people are more concerned with themselves 90% of the time and one fleeting thought about you is not worth the anxiety.

By Brett Jordan On Unsplash

What are some things you feel work in this regard? Comment down below! ❤️

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