How To Stay Motivated Everyday – 7 Productivity Tips And Ideas

We all dream of a life where we are achieving our goals, getting the success we want and living our dream life. It feels like something that we can only imagine, something that is not realistic but with the right plan and enough motivation, we can make that our reality.

The thing with motivation is that it runs out. Sometimes, we make clear and ambitious plans that we feel inspired to achieve at the time but by the time we have to take action, there is no motivation left.

The good news is that we can find whatever motivation we need to achieve our dreams within ourselves. You don’t need to pay for it or do something extraordinary to stay motivated everyday.

If you have lack of motivation, this post will tell you how to stay motivated everyday and be productive. Some signs of lack of motivation are :-

  • Slacking off and procrastinating every task.
  • Having lack of energy.
  • Feeling anxious or bored all the time.
  • Avoiding taking on new tasks.
  • Bad quality of work.

If you are showing any of these signs, then you feel de motivated and too lazy too anything productive. There are some productivity tips and ideas that will help you through this –

1. Set Realistic Goals

If you are just starting out on being productive and making a to do list, the best advice is to go easy. Start out with taking on a simple and easy project.

What do you want to do for the day? Write that down and don’t put too many task down on your list. If you start out with difficult tasks, then you are going to get overwhelmed and give up easily.

So begin by setting clear and realistic goals and finishing off the hardest ones on the list first thing in the morning. Then move on to the easier tasks. This way, you will feel inspired at completing everything that you planned to do.

By Marissa Grootes On Unsplash

2. Get Off Of Your Phone

Surfing social media can hider your ability to be productive as nothing else is going to feel as good when you are doing it.

It also drains you of your energy because you are constantly looking at fast pacing and cluttering posts.

Choose to do something else in your free time like reading or writing in your journal. This will not leave you feel overwhelmed in your head when you go back to working.

Another reason to avoid surfing social media on your phone is that it can cause you to get really anxious which is very bad if you want to stay productive.

3. Read Motivational Content Everyday

Motivation is something that runs out pretty easily so you should be inspiring yourself every single day.

Write down what makes you feel inspired and read it every morning before you start working.

Keep a diary where you have written down motivational quotes and read them whenever you feel de motivated.

This will make sure you always know why you are pushing through the hard times.

There is a lot of motivational content on social media as well but you should be careful not to go down the rabbit hole of watching feel good motivational content but not actually doing anything.

Action is always more important as that is what will get you where you want to be.

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4. Meditate Everyday

You can’t expect to stay motivated and concentrate on a job if you don’t practice how to do that.

Meditation will help your mind focus and remove any intrusive thoughts you have when doing i.

  • Start meditating at least 15 times everyday.
  • Just sit down and close your eyes. Count to ten in your mind and do it all over again for the required time.
  • Try to let go of thoughts that come to your mind and come back to the counting.

You can start off by practicing for 5 minutes in the beginning.

Then do this twice daily and you will feel yourself free from negative thoughts and distractions.

You will also feel more inspired to do your daily chores.

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5. Know The “Why” Behind Your Actions

You have to know the bigger picture behind what you are doing.

If you feel demotivated to do small and mundane tasks, then find out the results of doing these things and how they will help you achieve your dreams.

Make an inspiration board and take paste pictures of your dreams and ambitions on it. Anything that reminds you of your goals should go on it.

This will help you do the boring work that everyone has to do to achieve what they want in life. You won’t feel demotivated when doing these things anymore if you know why you are doing them.

You can also write down the reasons for your actions down on your to do list, beside your tasks. This way you will always know why you do what you do.

By @RosannaPansino On Giphy

6. Do What You Actually Like

You won’t find the constant need for motivation if you are already doing what you want. Find out what you like and do more of that by finding a way to making it productive.

Also keep in mind that we all have to do things that we find boring or mundane sometimes. It is a part of getting where we want to be.

So make sure before you get to work to make time in your day to do what you love and eventually make a career out of it. It will help you be productive in the long term.

By Rifqi Ali Ridho On Unsplash

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What do you do to stay motivated and productive? Comment down below and let me know!

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