10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

The one thing I have learned in life is that the little things we do everyday are what will add up and give us the big things that we want in life.

That is why it is very important to cultivate good habits and stick to them.

Now habit forming is not easy and no matter how “simple” the habits I am mentioning are, it is not easy to implement them in your daily life.

However, once you get used to these habits as a part of your life and personality, you will find yourself happier and more content.

You will be able to achieve more and feel like these habits have transformed your life for the better. These are the 10 simple habits that will change your life and make you into the best version of yourself.

1. Set Boundaries And Stick To Them

This is very hard if you are a people pleaser and put others before yourself like I do. However, not having strong boundaries or not enforcing them will lead to you being taken advantage of.

If you are uncomfortable doing something and someone is pressuring you to do so or pushing your limit, you should never feel guilty for saying “no”.

Anyone who doesn’t respect your boundaries doesn’t deserve to be in your life anyway. So don’t be afraid to set limits to what you will take and stick to them.

Another advantage of setting firm boundaries is also that you will avoid the feelings of resentment and anger that come when you are made to do something you don’t want to.

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2. Practice Meditation Everyday

Meditation will change your life for the better and you will reap it’s many benefits once you start getting into the habit of practicing it daily.

When you meditate, you are basically practicing how to to concentrate.

This is very important nowadays when people have the attention span of a gold fish. So implementing this habit in your life will help you focus on studying and work, which will give you an edge.

It’s not that complicated to start off with meditation but it will, like any other habit, take a while to get good at. Here is how to meditate for beginners :-

  • Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
  • Keep breathing and count to ten in your mind.
  • Count to ten over and over again for fifteen minutes.
  • In the beginning you will get distracted so focus on coming back to counting.

If you start mediating, then you will find yourself happier and less stressed out as you get better at it. It is an easy way to make your life better.

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3. Read More Books

Reading is one of the best ways to entertain yourself which also has a lot of benefits. When you find yourself surfing social media, put your phone down and pick up a book.

When I spent my time surfing social media platforms, I could see a significant rise in my anxiety levels. The posts that we spend time looking at are designed to give us instant gratification and shortens our attention span.

Reading is a great substitute for social media as it is entertaining and doesn’t cause any stress. It also has a lot of advantages like :-

  • Reading helps you sleep better
  • Your vocabulary improves if you read more.
  • Reading exercises the brain and prevents cognitive decline.
  • Reading helps concentration and your ability to focus.
  • Reading increases empathy.

Start to read a few pages a day in the beginning. You don’t need to read more than 30 minutes a day to get all these benefits. So it is definitely a very simple habit that will change your life.

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4. Learn To Enjoy Alone Time

The only person who is going to be with you 100% of the time is you.

That is why, it is important to feel comfortable with your own self and love spending some alone time.

This will make sure that you will never keep a bad friend or stay in a toxic relationship just so that you have someone with you.

Society always tells us that we need to have a ton of friends or always be in a relationship to be happy but in reality it can do a lot of people good if they know how to spend time by themselves and actually enjoy it.

Don’t feel bad to go and eat out alone or watch a movie by yourself either. I have found these moments by myself to be the most rewarding ones.

Start off by planning to spend a day by yourself and do things that you like doing like reading a book or giving yourself a manicure.

Once you feel comfortable with yourself, you will never feel the need to beg anyone to hang out with you or stay in your life.

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5. Keep A Daily Journal

Journaling can be very rewarding and it feels really good to unwind at the end of your day and write about everything in your journal.

Writing about your emotions in a diary every single day can also serve as a filter between you and your thoughts which will help you look at them from a third perspective.

There are a lot more advantages of keeping a journal like improving your writing and making better decisions.

You don’t need a lot to start journaling, just a pen and a notebook. Start off by writing one page of your journal and then just let your thoughts flow.

You will feel so much better if you start writing down your feelings and recording your daily activities.

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6. Listen More And Talk Less

Most people like to talk about themselves and even when someone else is speaking, they are just waiting for their turn to say something.

This is why it’s important to listen more and actually pay attention to what someone else is saying. You will make more friends this way.

I have also noticed that if I don’t reveal too much of my life to strangers, I don’t get unsolicited advice about my problems.

That is another reason you need to talk less about yourself. It will benefit you socially and is great for your self esteem.

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7. Repeat Positive Affirmations Everyday

Some of us have a habit of thinking negatively about everything. This can lead to lack of confidence and self eseteem.

It is important to tell yourself everyday that you are worthy of love and capable of achieving all the things you dream of.

That is why positive affirmations are so important. Repeating positive affirmations in front of the mirror everyday will benefit you a lot by raising your confidence and making your thought process positive.

Some of the positive affirmations are :

  • I am confident.
  • I am capable of what I am willing to work on.
  • I deserve love and kindness.
  • I am thankful for what I have.
  • I am the creator of my destiny.

You can find many other positive affirmations best suited to yourself online. So choose about 5 of these simple affirmations and repeat them to yourself every single day.

By Tim Mossholder On Unsplash

8. Do Some Light Exercise Daily

You don’t have to hit the gym and workout rigorously to get the benefits of exercising. You can incorporate light workouts into your daily routine and get the many benefits of exercising.

The advantages of exercising are not just weight loss. There is a lot more to it than that. Some of the lesser known benefits of exercising are :-

  • Exercise reduces depression and anxiety.
  • Exercise boosts energy.
  • Exercise can help you quit smoking.
  • Exercise helps keep your learning skills sharp.
  • Exercise strengthens bones and muscles.

Getting 30 minutes of exercise everyday should be your goal as it is the recommended amount. You will see a difference in your mood and energy within weeks of starting to exercise.

By Tyler Nix On Unsplash

9. Practice Gratitude

Many successful people choose to focus on things that make them feel grateful in life and do that every single day.

Practicing gratitude is simple and all you have to do is list three things you are grateful for in your daily journal when you wake up in the morning or go to sleep.

It can be anything from a delicious meal you had that day, your close family/friends or the fact that you have a bed to sleep in at night.

You will find yourself happier and more grateful in life if you do this everyday. Over time, you will see that the things you have to be grateful for multiply.

By Nathan Dumlao On Unsplash

10. Get 8 Hours Of Sleep Everyday

This is important because if you want to be productive, you have to find time to rest your mind and body. If you don’t, you won’t be able to function at full capacity.

Plan to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. People who have their ducks in a row know when to stop and take some rest. Don’t forget your own needs and take care of yourself.

Avoid sleeping late because you have been binge watching your favourite show. Get your priorities straight and know that you need to rest if you want to wake up at a reasonable time in the morning.

A good night’s rest would be a fuel to your productivity and will help you do everything with more clarity and sharpness.

By Kate Stone Matheson On Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed this post about 10 simple habits that will change your life. For more posts like this article and follow me!

What habits do you have that helped your productivity and life in general? Comment down below!

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