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How To Read More Books And Actually Enjoy It (6 Simple Reading Tips For Beginners)

If you want to know how to start reading more and actually make it into a hobby you enjoy, this article will help you find the right process and books that will turn you into a reader.

Developing a habit of reading is very beneficial to anyone who gets into it. It is a very common piece of advice given to us by our mentors. A few of the benefits of reading more books are :-

  1. Improves vocabulary and language skills
  2. Helps you write better
  3. Reading before bed helps you sleep better
  4. Gives you multiple insights and perspectives
  5. Helps you build emotional intelligence
  6. Reading can improve focus and the ability to concentrate
  7. Reading is an exercise for the brain and keeps it healthy
  8. Regular reading helps reduce anxiety and stress
  9. It fights age related cognitive decline
  10. Reading can increase intelligence and boost brain power

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If you want to reap these benefits, you will have to commit to reading atleast 30 minutes a day, everyday. You don’t have to read hard to read books for that. Any book lying on your shelf will do.

There are people who are not fond of reading books at all. Some find it boring or there can be many reasons you don’t want to read books at all. You are definitely missing out because of that.

Books can be a portal to a completely different world and you can find yourself engaged in different stories, characters and plots. To make reading more enjoyable, you can follow these 6 tips :-

Shelf full of books
By Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

1. Find A Book You Actually Enjoy

Like I said before, you don’t have to read certain kinds of books that everyone else enjoys.

There are some books that are fast paced and easier to read compared to other books that are difficult to read.

  • Find a book in your preferred genre. There are lots of genres like historical fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense, poetry, thrillers, romance, non fiction, etc. Find out what you like and start off by reading books from that genre.
  • If you get bored easily, research for some fast paced and interesting books that will keep you wanting to read more. You can surf the internet and find a lot of such books recommended on different sites.
  • Ask your friends and family to suggest you a good book that they loved and would want you to read as well.
  • There are plenty of different genres to choose from so there is always a book that you will enjoy reading and that will turn you into a reader.

Once you have found the right book for yourself, then it won’t take you a long time or a lot of effort to turn reading into a habit.

Choosing a good book will help you when you are wondering how to read more and you will keep going because you actually like it.

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Books in a pile
By Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

2. Share What You Read With Others

This is possibly the best way to keep yourself motivated and keep reading is to share your reading journey with others.

Whether it’s starting a blog or just making an Instagram post, share your journey with your readers or followers when you pick up a new book or finish reading a book.

I personally have been posting on r/52book on reddit to keep up with my reading. It keeps me motivated and I can also get to know what other people are reading and read their reviews and opinions on different genres of books.

It is a subreddit where people take reading 52 books a year as a challenge and great to keep track of your progress.

Telling other people about something you are doing might also help you keep yourself accountable and do more productive activities like reading more on a daily basis.

Books and magazines on a bed
By Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

3. Limit Your Screen Time

You won’t find the same stimulation when reading that you would find on social media.

We are used to instant gratification that we get by clicking on a new video every second of surfing social media and coming across multiple posts in the matter of seconds.

The truth is that reading is not going to be enjoyable for you if you are addicted to your phone as it gives you a greater and quicker dopamine rush.

So in order to enjoy reading, you have to ween yourself off of social media and make a habit of reading in your free time.

If you don’t have the option of surfing social media in your spare time then you are more likely to pick up a book and read more.

Remind yourself why you want to start reading and how it is better for you than relying on YouTube for entertainment.

The best part about this is that as reading increases your concentration, you will find it easier to focus as time goes by.

This will help you study better and focus on your work which can help you be more productive.

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Man using his phone
By Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

4. Read Multiple Books At A Time

If you choose a really long fiction book to read, pair it up with an interesting non fiction book that you can read when you are not feeling excited to read the first book anymore.

The excitement to read a new book can fade away after the first few chapters and you might feel burnt out. It’s important to keep things fresh so that you don’t get demotivated

This may not work for everyone but it’s something I do. I usually buy a few books and read the first few chapters of all of them. I then read whichever book I want to before bed till I finish them all.

Typically I will pair books of different genres like historic fiction with non fiction to keep things interesting and it helps with not getting bored.

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Books on a shelf
By Tom Hermans on Unsplash

5. Set Time Aside Everyday To Read

Another tip on how to read more is setting aside a dedicated reading time everyday.

Usually, I set 30 minutes before bed to read something I enjoy. Reading before bed has also proven to help your sleep quality as it reduces anxiety.

You don’t have to read before bedtime either. Pick a time of the day when you are free and start reading for 20-30 minutes during that time.

This will help you set a schedule a stick to reading a few chapters a day and make the process easier.

Also, you can start reading when you are travelling as this is usually the time where you don’t have anything to do.

Keep a copy of your favourite book in your bag so you can read it whenever you want.

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Woman reading a book
By Thought Catalog on Unsplash

6. Don’t Make Unrealistic Goals

If you are wondering how to read more and make it enjoyable, then you should not over commit to reading.

You can start by reading a book every week or every two weeks. This will help you take some pressure off and make your reading goals a little more achievable.

Start by reading a short but interesting book in your favourite genre. Then when you are done with it, gradually move on to longer and different types of books.

Reading, like any other hobby should be enjoyable and the more you do it, the better you get at it. So pick up a book and get started!

Hand holding a pile of books
By Thought Catalog on Unsplash

If you enjoyed my article on how to read more and actually enjoy it, then follow me and leave a comment about how you read more often and what kind of books you read. Happy reading!

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