How Start Your Fitness Journey (Realistically) – Start Small, Gain More

When it comes to losing weight and starting a healthier diet or a workout routine, it is very important to start with setting small and doable goals.

I think many of us get carried away with the claims on the internet that promise us a 6 pack in the matter of a week or a few days. That is rarely something that would stick for long.

The truth is that we can start off small and get ourself into a sustainable and realistic routine that would pay off in the long term by lasting longer.

This guide will give you some tips and tricks of getting into a healthy diet and a work out routine that will get your closer to your dream body.

1. Start With Added Sugar

This is the #1 reason you might be finding it difficult to lose weight. Added sugar is addictive which means the more you eat it, the more you will crave cakes, donuts and desserts.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever eat sugary desserts but try controlling your sugar intake for a week and your sweet tooth will subside after that.

You can occasionally enjoy chocolate or donuts but if you crave it every single day, try to quit added sugar in your diet and switch to fruits instead.

You will watch the pounds melt off in matter of weeks if you only give up added sugar in your diet as these foods are rich in unhealthy fats and high in calories. They provide no nutrition to your body and are only supposed to be eaten occasionally.

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2. Do A 5 Minute Workout

Working out might be the hardest and the most painful part of weightloss. It is near to impossible for most people (unless you have a lot of patience and a high pain tolerance) to start a difficult workout routine from day 1.

Start doing exercises that feel good to you for 5 minutes daily and then work your way upto 15-20 minutes a day.

Eventually, you will be able to finish a 30 minute workout without hurting or getting bored and can work upto 45 minutes per session. So start small & figure out what you like and do it consistently for a while.

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3. Add Colour To Your Plate

Instead of focusing on the reducing the quantity of your food, Improve the quality of what you put in your body. Snack in vegetables, nuts and fruits throughout the day. Replace pizza and cake with almonds, apples and peanut butter when you snack.

Even when you’re eating your lunch, dinner or other meals, include green vegetables, carrots and beetroots along with your daily meals. Don’t eat less, just focus in eating healthier.

Adding colours to your plate and eating variety of foods will also help your gut health and will help you get all the essential nutrients and minerals you need which will curb your hunger and keep you full.

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4. Move More

I don’t mean your everyday workout routine. When you can take the stairs instead of getting on an elevator, do it. Walk more and depend less on cars or cabs to get around. Make sure you walk more and spend less time sitting.

You can also break up your workout routine into smaller parts to suit your day instead of incorporating an hour long routine into a busy schedule.

You can do these workouts when you have the time to do them and you will find it less boring that a longer workout. Also make sure you’re moving in any other ways like stretching or yoga possible & make sure you’re not sitting in one position the entire day as it can be unhealthy.

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5. Make A Vision Board

If you find it difficult to stay inspired, make a vision board that includes motivational content and pictures of what your dream body looks like. Add some inspirational quotes and be specific about your weightloss goals.

Whenever you take a look at this board, you should feel inspired to work out and have a vision of how you would look after you have achieved the goals you have set.

If you don’t have the time (or don’t want to) make a vision board, just read a few motivational quotes along the way to your workout. Set goals & visualise then to make real.

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6. Find A Workout That You Like

Workouts can become a bit boring & monotonous after a while if doing them. The workouts you are doing should be fun and something you actually can stick to in the long term.

You can switch up your workout routine. If you’re doing yoga one day, then do cardio the next day and learn a dance routine for the next day. This will keep you inspired while enjoying yourself and wouldn’t get boring.

Just make sure you don’t slack off and actually find some way to sweat once in the day atleast and carve out some time when you will be exercising from your day. Discipline is the key.

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7. Eat More Homemade Meals

If you learn how to cook the basics of healthy food, then you won’t need to eat the high calorie and unhealthy options available outside in fast food restaurants. Get into the habit of planning meals and what knowing you’re going to have in the next meal.

You can also control the ingredients you put in the meals more than you can say for packaged or restaurant food. So make sure you eat mostly healthy and homemade food.

You can start off my learning the basics and then figure out what you like to eat. You will eventually give up the habit (if you have one) of take away food and crave healthy food.

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